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Commercial Christmas Lights vs. Retail Lights

Make Christmas easy with commercial Christmas lights! Instead of loading up your cart with flimsy bulbs that barely make it through a single season, consider getting some decorations that last! Let’s shed some light on why upgrading is the way to go.

Reason #1: Commercial Christmas lights are built to last.

If you’re looking for a better value in the long run, commercial-grade lights are superior in quality and in durability. While snagging some boxes at your favorite retail store may be more affordable up front, they lack the weatherproofing and superior construction that commercial options have. The cords are also made with higher-quality materials to better avoid tangling. It may be more of an investment-–but what if next year you don’t have to spend so much time untangling a huge mess? Sold.

Reason #2: The innovative bulb design has a lot to offer.

Commercial lights are made with specialized bulbs that offer enhanced energy efficiency and endurance. They are designed to withstand more prolonged use and adverse weather conditions, ensuring your holiday display stays vibrant and eye-catching throughout this season and the next. Commercial Christmas lights also have the capability to offer advanced light cycles, with which you can create a variety of dynamic lighting effects and sequences. (Think pretty twinkling patterns or fun synchronized displays that will be the talk of the neighborhood.)

Reason #3: Professionals can customize them for you!

If your Christmas decor dreams go beyond the realm of what you can do with just a ladder and some motivation, put down the tools. Commercial Christmas light companies offer fully customized and intricately designed decor pieces. Get in contact with a seasoned professional, who can provide expert guidance on exactly what you’re looking for at your preferred price point and at a high quality. Whether it’s an LED deer for your front yard or a light tunnel at a shopping center, you can conjure up some Christmas magic without doing all the work yourself.

Interested in more? Before you dig out those old strands you got on sale two years ago, let us help you make Christmas easy. Send us a message today!

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